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Application Filing Requirements for Natural Gas Pipeline Construction Projects

Any utility proposing to construct a natural gas pipeline requiring a Certificate of Authority (CA) under Wis. Stat. §196.49 must prepare an application for Commission review.  PSC 133.04 Wis. Adm. Code, lists the information needed for all CA applications. More extensive construction projects may require additional information contained in the application filing requirements (AFR) for pipeline projects.  The AFR also includes information requirements for obtaining wetland or waterway crossing permits from the Department of Natural Resources when coordinated reviews are required under Wis. Stat. §30.025.

Construction Application Materials:


View/Download PDF File Application Filing Requirements for Natural Gas Pipeline Construction Projects  (Issue date January 2015).

  Table 1 excel document General Route Information
  Table 2 excel document Land Cover
  Table 3 excel document Government and Tribal Lands
  WDNR Table 1 excel document WDNR Wetland/Waterway Impact Location Table
  WDNR Table 2 excel document WDNR Waterway/Wetland Environmental Inventory Table

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Additional state and federal permits may be required, prior to the start of construction. The following page contains links to some state and federal agencies.

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