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Wisconsin Renewable Portfolio Standard and Renewable Resource Credit Program

As part of 2005 Wisconsin Act 141, the Wisconsin Legislature established the current renewable portfolio standard (RPS), requiring investor-owned electric utilities, municipal electric utilities and rural electric coops picture showing solar panels (electric providers) to meet a gradually increasing percentage of their retail sales with qualified renewable resources. The enabling legislation expressly allows Wisconsin electric providers the option of using Renewable Resource Credits (RRCs) in lieu of providing renewable electricity to their customers. Rules governing the creation and use of RRCs were promulgated by the PSCW and are available at the Revisor of Statutes web page.

Only energy from renewable generators certified by the Commission may be used to create RRCs. Any Wisconsin electric provider may request PSC certification for a renewable facility from which it plans to obtain electrical power. The facility may be owned and operated by the electric provider or an independent power producer.

The first step in obtaining certification for a renewable facility is for the electric provider (IOU, municipal utility, or rural electric coop) to complete the Renewable Facility Registration Report. To file the report electronically, enter information required in each field and follow the step-by-step instructions given and click on "Create Renewable Facility Registration Report " at the bottom of the page. The completed Renewable Facility Registration Report must be filed using the PSC Electronic Regulatory Filing (ERF) System. Once the Commission has determined whether or not the facility meets the established criteria for certification the electric provider will be notified.

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