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Meter Reading - PSC 113 Report Templates

Copperweld Inventory Report Excel Template: This is a suggested form for those utilities that need to report the circuit feet of copperweld conductor installed before Jan. 1, 1948. This needs to be filed every four years after the initial report until all such conductor has been retired from service. This fulfills the provisions of PSC 113.0615 Wis. Admin. Code.

Refund/Charges Excel Template: This template may be used by investor-owned utilities to create a report of refunds and charges due to meter and billing errors, pursuant to the requirements of Wis. Admin. Code §113.0924(5). Investor-owned utilities must file this report via ERF by April 1 for the preceding year. Please note: municipal utilities no longer file this report of refunds and charges via ERF. Municipal utilities fulfill the requirements of Wis. Admin. Code § PSC 113.0924(5) by filing this data on schedule E-23 of the annual reports in WEGSARS.

Excel Spreadsheet(14 KB) Copperweld Inventory Report Excel Template
Excel Spreadsheet(14 KB) Refund/Charges Excel Template