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Wisconsin Statutes Related to Public Utility Service

The following provides sections of the Wisconsin Statutes related to utility service as maintained by the Wisconsin State Legislature Legislative Reference Bureau.

1.11 - 1.12 Environmental impacts; State energy policy
11.40 Special privileges from public utilities
15.01(2) - 15.04 Agency structure, generally
15.06 Commissions and commissioners, generally
15.79 - 15.795 Commission creation; RR Commission
16.95 - 16.955 DOA energy division
16.957 Utility public benefits
16.958 Air quality improvement program
16.959 Wind energy
16.969 Fees for certain high-voltage transmission lines
19.21 - 19.39 Public records and property (open records)
19.81 - 19.98 Open meetings of governmental bodies
20.155 PSC appropriations
29.604 Endangered and threatened species protected
Ch. 32 Eminent Domain
44.30 - 44.48 Historic preservation program
60.70 - 60.79 Town sanitary districts
62.16 - 62.22 Cities; utility service pipes; sewers; opening streets
66.0421 Municipalities; access to cable service
66.0425 Municipalities; Privileges in streets
66.0801 - 66.0831 Municipalities; Public Utilities
Ch. 76 Taxation of Public Utilities and Insurers
84.06 - 84.065 Highways; utility facilities relocation
84.093 Cooperative acquisition of right-of-way
86.16 Utility lines on highways; place of poles; penalty
93.01(1m) DATCP; definition of “business”
100.18 Trade practice; Fraudulent representation
100.207 & 100.208 Trade practice; Telecomm. service and unfair trade practice
100.209 Cable television subscriber rights
Ch. 133 Trusts and Monopolies
134.405 Inquiry to wires by removal of building, etc.
134.41 Poles and wires on private property without owner’s consent
134.43 Privacy and cable TV
134.72 Prohibition of certain unsolicited messages by fax machine
165.25 Duties of department of justice
177.08 Deposits held by utilities
182.0135 Public utility corp. directors; not to delegate duty to manage; removal by Commission
182.017 Transmission lines; privileges; damages
182.0175 Damage to transmission facilities
182.018 Wires over railroads
182.019 Damages for nondelivery of message or power
Ch. 189 Office of the Commissioner of Railroads
Ch. 196 Regulation of Public Utilities
Ch. 197 Municipal Acquisition of Utilities
Ch. 198 Municipal Power and Water Districts
Ch. 200 Metropolitan Sewerage Districts
Ch. 201 Securities of Public Service Corporations
226.025 Qualification of foreign utility holding companies; exceptions
Ch. 227 Administrative Procedure and Review
256.35 Statewide emergency services number (“911”)
285.41 - 285.47 Sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emission rates

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