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PSC Wisconsin Administrative Code

The Wisconsin Administrative Code is maintained by the Wisconsin State Legislature Legislative Reference Bureau.Beginning September 1st, 2016 comments on proposed administrative rules will be accepted through the Legislature’s website at All submitted comments will be sent to the appropriate agency rules coordinators. It is necessary to include contact information in your submitted comments if you wish to receive a response. The previous administrative rules website at will be decommissioned on September 1st.

PSC 1 Agents of the commission (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 2 Procedure and practice (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 3 Intervenor compensation (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 4 Environmental analysis (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 5 Assessment of costs (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 6 Assessment of commission's holding company regulation costs (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 8 Utility reports (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 12 Utility advertising practices (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 100 Affiliations between public utilities and other persons (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 102 Accounting for disbursements by public utilities (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 103 Allocation of joint expenses among departments of class A and class B utilities (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 104 Recording and reporting utility accidents (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 108 Competitive bidding for securities (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 109 Tax equivalent for municipal utilities (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 110 Distribution of wholesale electric refunds (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 111 Requirements for strategic energy assessments and certificates of public convenience and necessity (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 112 Construction by electric public utilities and extensions of electric service (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 113 Service rules for electric utilities (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 114 Wisconsin state electrical code, volume1 (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 115 Radiological emergency preparedness expenses (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 116 Cost of fuel (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 117 Assignment of costs and opportunity sales (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 118 Renewable resource credit trading program (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 119 Rules for interconnecting distributed generation facilities (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 128 Wind Energy Systems (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 130 Municipal regulation of municipal rights-of-way (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 132 Compensation and conditions for public utility facilities within railroad right-of-way (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 133 Construction, installation, and placing in operation of facilities by gas utilities (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 134 Standards for gas service (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 135 Gas safety (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 136 Electric and gas conservation (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 137 Energy efficiency and renewable resource programs (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 140 Construction of facilities to supply heat by utilities (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 160 Universal service support funding and programs (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 161 Educational telecommunications access program (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 162 Additions, acquisition and improvement of telephone utility plant and submission of information; switching agreements (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 163 Telecommunications utility price regulation (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 164 Filing of information by telephone companies (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 165 Standards for telephone service (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 166 Telephone exchange area boundaries (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 167 Extended area telephone service (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 168 Telecommunications resellers and resale (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 169 Pay telephone service providers (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 171 Cable television telecommunications service providers (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 173 911 emergency telecommunications service (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 174 Small telecommunications utility (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 179 Telecommunications dispute resolution (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 183 Joint local water authorities (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 184 Construction by water public utilities and by municipal water and sewer public utilities combined under s. 66.077,Stats. (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 185 Standards for water public utility service (PDF) (Folio)
PSC 187 Sewer main extension cost recovery (PDF) (Folio)

Links to the Administrative Code and Register Infobase Relating to the PSC

Folio format is best for searching, but text does not look like the printed version;  PDF format looks like the printed version and is best for printing and viewing.  Most items in folio format also contain a link to an associated pdf file.

Code of Federal Regulations
Many PSC codes refer or incorporate parts of the code of federal regulations.  The Government Printing Office provides a searchable database of the federal codes.