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Advanced Renewable Tariffs

On January 15, 2009, the Commission opened docket 5-EI-148, Investigation on the Commission's Own Motion Regarding Advanced Renewable Tariff Development. The stated purpose of the investigation is to examine whether and how to expand the availability and use of advanced renewable tariffs (ARTs, also known as feed-in tariffs) in Wisconsin and promote greater uniformity in the ARTs offered by Wisconsin electric utilities.  The Commission requested input on a series of questions relating to the implementation of ARTs in Wisconsin.  Based on this feedback, Commission staff prepared a Briefing Memorandum, on which the public was also given an opportunity to comment. 

The Commission discussed the record in this docket at its Open Meeting of August 27, 2009. Chairperson Callisto and Commissioner Azar concluded that provisions in both state law and federal law limited their authority to order any Wisconsin utility to offer an ART. Commissioner Meyer did not attempt to reach any conclusions on questions of legal authority because he felt that, as a matter of policy, ARTs should only be voluntarily offered by willing utilities. The Commission was unanimous in its desire to encourage more voluntary experimentation with ARTs and decided to hold a Technical Conference to move the issue forward.

On December 22, 2010, the Commission accepted a status report from Commission staff.  The status report summarizes the results of the Technical Conference held October 22, 2009, and the most important new developments at the federal and state level.  The status report also includes a summary table of all voluntary ARTs offered in Wisconsin, current as of October, 2010.

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