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Federal Recovery Act - Demonstration Grants for Smart Grid and Related Transmission Projects

Smart Grid Demonstration Grants
Smart Grid demonstration projects will include regionally unique demonstrations to verify smart grid technology viability, quantify smart grid costs and benefits, and validate new smart grid business models, at a scale that can be readily adapted and replicated around the country.

The goal of this program is to demonstrate technologies in regions across the States, Districts, and Territories of the United States of America that embody essential and salient characteristics of each region and present a suite of use cases for national implementation and replication.  From these use cases, the goal is to collect and provide the optimal amount of information necessary for customers, distributors, and generators to change their behavior in a way that reduces system demands and costs, increases energy efficiency, optimally allocates and matches demand and resources to meet that demand, and increases the reliability of the grid.  The social benefits of a smart grid are reduced emissions, lower costs, increased reliability, greater security and flexibility to accommodate new energy technologies, including renewable, intermittent and distributed sources.

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