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Federal Recovery Act - Water and Wastewater Utilities

Water and Wastewater Utilities
Funding is provided to capitalize Wisconsin’s existing Safe Drinking Water and Clean Water revolving loan funds, which are administered through the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  A portion of the funding under these programs must be made available as grants, and a portion of the funding is reserved specifically for “green infrastructure,” energy efficiency, and water efficiency projects.  In addition, funding is provided to the USDA Rural Utilities Service for direct loans and grants for rural community water, wastewater, and solid waste disposal programs.  Eligible entities include municipal governments, counties, special purpose districts, Indian Tribes, and cooperative or other nonprofit organizations with a service area under 10,000 in population. 

Contact Information
For information about funding opportunities for water and wastewater utilities, including water conservation and efficiency projects, e-mail Jeff Ripp.

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