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PSC Social Media Policy

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are intended, along with our web site, to provide easily-accessible outlets for the public to obtain information about the PSC, our mission, open meetings, rate cases, construction projects, and news that impacts customers. Our goal is to keep the sites and our postings relevant and educational.

The PSC is a deliberative, regulatory body.  Its decisions must be made on the PSC’s official record of proceedings.  Constitutional due-process requirements, the prohibition on ex parte communications, and Wisconsin’s Open Meetings Law control communications with and among the Commissioners.  Because of these limitations, the PSC has established an official method for receiving public comments that can be accessed at the PSC Comments page on our web site. Only comments submitted in this manner will be officially recorded and reviewed by Commissioners before deciding pending cases.  Any Facebook or Twitter comment will not be part of the official record and will not be reviewed by the Commissioners.

Social media content is added and maintained by PSC communications staff. The Commissioners themselves are not involved in the posting or maintenance of information.

In compliance with state public information and records retention laws, the PSC maintains records of all posts on social media sites, direct messages, or mentions of the PSC on a social media site.

Please contact Elise Nelson with any questions. Elise Nelson at

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