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How to Use Electronic Regulatory Filing (ERF)

The Public Service Commission’s Electronic Regulatory Filings (ERF) System provides for the electronic submission of filed documents and online access of documents submitted in formal cases before the Commission.

All documents are available in Portable Document Format (PDF) unless otherwise noted.

Finding Documents:
To look up a case and all the documents associated with it, enter the docket number into the ERF system boxes on the PSC homepage.

If you do not know the docket number, search ERF.

What Docket Numbers Mean:
Every case has a docket number assigned to it. Here are definitions for the numbers and letters used in docket numbers:


1: Utility ID
Every gas, telephone, electric and water utility in Wisconsin is assigned an ID number. The number in the first box is the utility’s ID number.

2: Type of case
There are different types of cases reviewed by the PSC. The letters in the second box describe the type of case.

3: Sequential Case Number
The third box is the specific number of the case.