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Strategic Energy Assessment Report: Energy 2018 (SEA)

The PSC is required by state law to prepare a biennial SEA that evaluates the adequacy and reliability of Wisconsin's current and future electrical capacity and supply. The newly released SEA, dubbed "Energy 2018," provides a glimpse of Wisconsin's anticipated energy supply from the years 2012-2018.
The document explores state-specific energy issues, such as:

  • Demand and supply of electricity;
  • Market analysis and planning reserve margins;
  • Rates;
  • Energy efficiency and renewable resources; and,
  • Federal policy proposals.

A draft SEA was issued on June, 14, 2012, based on data and information collected in 2010 and 2011 from Wisconsin utilities and power cooperatives. The public was given the opportunity to comment until August, when a final report was assembled. Due to that timing, the current SEA does not include specific information regarding the recently-announced decommissioning plans for the the Kewaunee Nuclear Power Station, which currently provides 550 megawatts of nuclear power.

View the final “Energy 2018: Wisconsin's Strategic Energy Assessment” here: