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What is and is not Regulated by the PSC?

What is under the jurisdiction of the PSC?

The PSC is responsible for regulating the rates, safety, adequacy and quality of service of electric, natural gas, and water utilities. The PSC has limited authority over sanitary sewer and storm water utilities and very limited aspects of telecommunications services. More than 1,100 utilities are under the agency's jurisdiction.

Telecommunications services under the jurisdiction of the PSC is limited to provider to provider issues, some aspects of Lifeline/Link-up equipment for individuals with special needs.

What is not under the jurisdiction of the PSC?


  • Federally deregulated wholesale market price of natural gas and electricity supplies
  • Fuel oil
  • Gasoline
  • Most activities of the 28 electric cooperatives
  • Propane

Other types of Telecommunications-related services

  • Land line phone service
  • Cable TV
  • Cellular phone service
  • Internet service providers
  • Long Distance Providers
  • Most VOIP providers
  • Telemarketing practices
  • Third party telecommunications billing

Questions about electric cooperatives may be directed to Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association at (608) 467-4649.  Questions about Propane may be directed to the National Propane Association at (630) 515-0600.  Questions regarding any other service listed above can be directed to the Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection at (800) 422‑7128.