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Water Conservation Initiative

Protecting Wisconsin’s precious water resources begins with you!

Wisconsin is generally blessed with abundant rainfall, plentiful surface waters, and vast groundwater resources.But, water is not always available in the quantity or quality that is needed for human uses.Many Wisconsin communities are already facing serious water supply challenges caused by increasing customer demand, declining groundwater supplies, and aging utility infrastructure. The number of communities facing water challenges is expected to grow in the coming years.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) works with Wisconsin water utilities to incorporate water conservation and efficiency measures into water supply planning and to promote customers' efficient and sustainable use of water. These efforts can reduce wasteful consumption, avoid the need to invest in expensive drinking water and wastewater capacity, and save energy and chemicals used in pumping and treating water.  In the long term, conservation and efficiency measures save both the utility and the ratepayers money, and provide other economic and environmental benefits to Wisconsin.

More information about the PSC’s water conservation efforts:

For more information about the PSC’s water conservation efforts, e-mail Denise Schmidt, PSC Water Conservation Coordinator, at Denise.Schmidt@Wisconsin.Gov.
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