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Integrated Anaerobic Digester System


Applicant Eligibility FAQ

Is an entity which does not register for or attend the pre-proposal Seminar still eligible to submit a proposal or be part of a consortium submitting a proposal?

Yes! We encourage all interested applicants to participate in the program, attendance at the February 1st event does not affect an applicant's eligibility for the program.

Would proposals from industrial food processors, such as cheese factories, be accepted?

The RFP strongly encourages the formation of consortia that could include food processing facilities among its members. Specific eligibility requirements are stated in Section 2 of the RFP, starting on page 9. Off-farm substrates can boost the production of biogas which can improve the evaluation of a proposal per the "Anaerobic Digestion/Biogas" section of the evaluation criteria section on page 14 of the RFP. Additionally, on page 27 of the RFP, the way in which off-farm substrates are utilized in the proposed project is discussed. This is an important consideration when putting together a proposal that includes non-farm members of a consortium.

Can this program help to continue the operation of an existing digester system?

The RFP states on page 2 that "proposal[s] should prioritize existing anaerobic digester infrastructure in an integrated system proposal when possible and appropriate". Further requirements and eligibility of existing infrastructure are detailed on pages 9 and 10 of the RFP as it relates to Focus incentives be awarded to new or upgraded digester facilities. Many aspects of existing infrastructure will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


To submit additional questions, please contact with the subject line “FAQ”.