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Integrated Anaerobic Digester System


Consortium Building FAQ

Will my involvement in this project lead to reduced hauling costs?

The water treatment components of this project could result in an overall reduction in the volume of manure I receive back from the digester system.

Additional considerations: If I normally haul my manure by truck, would participating in this project reduce my hauling costs? By how much? How many fewer loads of manure could be hauled by having the ability to reduce and separate solid content? If piping of manure is a part of this project will that reduce my hauling needs? Will manure piping costs be an expense to my farm?

Will my involvement in this project lead to the ability to irrigate manure?

The low-nutrient, low-solids content waste stream that could be produced as a result of this system could become an irrigable by-product which could be applied during the growing season to established crops.

Additional considerations: Would I be interested in and able to irrigate rather than truck this more liquid-content manure?  Are there programs that could cost-share the purchase and install of irrigation equipment on my farm to enable me to do this?

Will my involvement in this project lead to the ability to apply manure at more economical times?

By reducing the water volume in manure, this system could allow farms to receive a manure product that has a high nutrient content which could be transported further distances.

Additional considerations: To what extent would this system allow me to redistribute my nutrients to land that needs it most? Would this allow me to apply nutrients prior to planting and/or through split applications?

Will my involvement in this project lead to reduced time and labor costs?

Additional considerations: Through efficiencies in manure treatment achieved by this project, can I save time and money through reduced hauling costs and reduced labor? How much money could I save?

Will my involvement in this project lead to reduced hauling equipment use?

Additional considerations: What savings on equipment can be associated with participating in this system? Will new application equipment need to be purchased to apply effluent stream(s)?

Will my involvement in this project lead to reduced road traffic?

Additional considerations: If participating in this project reduces manure volumes to be hauled and applied, will truck traffic be reduced on roads as a result of this project?

Will my involvement in this project lead to revenue streams?

The potential exists for this project to generate several revenue streams through biogas utilization (electricity CNG for transportation, CNG for natural gas offsets), and other value-added products like livestock bedding, compost, or manure pellets for resale.

Additional considerations: What revenue streams will this project generate? Who benefits from these revenue streams? How will revenues be distributed to participating farms, if at all?

Will my involvement in this project lead to increased overall farm profitability?

Each of the questions listed above could result in opportunities to increase the overall profitability of your farm depending on the choices you make, the products and markets this system creates and the efficiencies you can achieve by participating in an integrated anaerobic digestion system project.

Additional considerations for managing liability in a proposed consortium:

  • Who will operate and maintain the digester system?
  • Who will pay for the operation and maintenance of the digester?
  • How will the costs of the water treatment components be covered?
  • If the digester is on a CAFO operation, who will have the liability for the manure?
  • Who is liable if a pipe bursts? If there is a spill? A system failure or malfunction?
  • Who will pay for transportation costs? Hauling costs?
  • How will revenues be dispersed among participants, if at all (generated energy, electrical, CNG, fertilizer products, bedding, etc.)?
  • Will I be required to put in a certain volume of manure each day/week/month/year?
  • Am I guaranteed to get back the nutrients I need?
  • Am I required to take back the nutrients I put in?


To submit additional questions, please contact with the subject line “FAQ”.