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Comparison of Net Quarterly Bills of Wisconsin Water Utilities
5/8 - Inch Meter Connection - Residential and Non-Residential Services
County: Rock
Note: In a few cases you may find a discrepancy in the symbols on the map that represent the rates and the data shown below. This is due to the fact that the map's data is based on rates at a point-in-time and the data below reflects current rates.
* You may view schedule MG-1 (or any other rate schedule for a particular utility) by clicking on its Water Tariff Utility Name
IDWater Tariff Uitlity NameClassRate SchedMin Bill2,500 CF/18,750 GALDate Rate EffectiveFoot Notes
455 BELOIT WATER UTILITY ABMG1NR20.4056.6512/1/2010
455 BELOIT WATER UTILITY ABMG1R20.4058.4012/1/2010
1190 CLINTON MUNICIPAL WATERWORKS D MG124.0079.691/1/2006 1
1760 EDGERTON MUNICIPAL WATER UTILITY C MG123.3788.6212/1/2010 1
1880 EVANSVILLE CITY OF WATER & LIGHT C MG130.00110.002/1/2016 1
2040 FOOTVILLE WATER UTILITY D MG130.00144.3812/15/2011
2157 FULTON WATER UTILITY D MG134.50163.883/28/2016 2,3
2740 JANESVILLE WATER UTILITY ABMG1NR12.1254.371/20/2017 1
2740 JANESVILLE WATER UTILITY ABMG1R12.1249.221/20/2017 1
3700 MILTON CITY OF MUN WTR UTY C MG127.2069.768/28/2015 1
1Bills do not include Public Fire Protection which the municipality has chosen to direct charge to customers.
2To the extent Public Fire Protection is provided, the charge is included as part of the general service rates.
3Bills include any applicable Purchased Water Adjustments.
4Utility provides only unmetered service at a flat rate.
5Hudson Water Utility serves Hudson and North Hudson.
6Milwaukee Water Utility provides suburban retail service to several communities in the Milwaukee area under this rate schedule.
7Milwaukee Water Utility provides suburban retail service to West Milwaukee under this rate schedule.