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Utility Provider Information :: Utility Statistics
Note: Orders affecting utility status can be issued at any time and this data is current as of the posting of the lates order, usually within 4-5 days of issuance.
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Report Generated: 2/25/2017 12:53:30 AM
Utility by Owners
  • Cooperatives consist of telecommunications cooperatives which are partially regulated including filing an annual report.
  • Municipal utilities and Sanitary Districts are publicly-owned water, sewer, electric, gas and telecommunications utilities.
  • Private utilities are investor-owned telecommunications, electric, gas and water utilities.
CooperativeMunicipalityPrivateSanitary DistrictTotal
11 531 613 64 1219
Utility Industry by Owner Type
Some utilities have more than one department, i.e. a municipal utility can be a water and electric utility or just an electric utility. There are no stand-alone municipal/sanitary district telecommunications or sewer utilities - those departments would always be associated with a water or electric utility. As mentioned in the Utilities by Owners report, electric cooperatives are not regulated by the commission and do not file annual reports. Telecommunications utilities include traditional local exchange carriers as well as other types such as telecommunications resellers and video distance learning providers. The grand total of the "Total" column would indicate how many utility departments there are in Wisconsin, NOT how many utilities, because of the different combinations of stand alone, or multiple-department utilities.  
Industry TypeCooperativeMunicipalityPrivateSanitary DistrictTotal
Electric 0 82 16 0 98
Natural Gas 0 1 10 0 11
Office of Railroad Commission 0 0 20 0 20
Sewer 0 5 0 0 5
Telecommunications 11 25 570 0 606
Water 0 514 4 64 582
Utility Industry by Report Class
Reporting Class
Class AB and C are used by the investor owned electric and gas utilities, but this is really a misnomer. The utilities are either major or nonmajor as identified by their sales volumes (see Uniform system of Accounts). For the municipal/sanitary districts water/sewer utilities, Class AB is 4,000 or more customers, Class C is 1,000 or more customers and Class D is less than 1,000 customers. There are a number of small investor-owned water utilities that use the Water, Electric, Gas and Sewer Annual Report system (WEGSARS) and are identified on that system as Class D. For a municipal electric or municipal combined water and electric utility the classes are based on revenues; Class AB revenues of $4,000,000 or more, Class C revenues of $200,000 but less than $4,000,000, and Class D revenues of less than $200,000. A significant number of telecommunications utilities are listed under miscellaneous class because they do not use a class system. Other entities such as the North Shore Commission are not utilities and do not have classes, or are new utilities waiting to be assigned a class.
  All Utilities
Industry TypeClass ABClass AClass BClass CClass DClass Misc.Total
Electric 32 8 3 51 1 3 98
Natural Gas 1 7 2 1 0 0 11
Office of Railroad Commission 0 0 0 0 0 19 20
Sewer 2 0 0 0 3 0 5
Telecommunications 17 46 38 7 9 489 606
Water 98 1 0 156 327 0 582

Municipal/Sanitary Districts
Class ABClass CClass DClass Misc.Total
101 170 324 0 595
Utility Provides Service Information
These reports are not broken down by owner type, i.e. the report for utilities providing electric-only service includes nonregulated cooperatives, investor-owned utilities and the municipal electric utilities. The telecommunications report would contain local exchange carriers (LEC's) as well as resellers and other type telecommunications utilities.
The category for 2 or more includes utilities providing one main service - such as water, and which are also a regulated AEC telecommunications provider. Also, some utilities have three utility departments, water, electric and sewer or water, electric and natural gas.
Provide One Service Only Provide Two Services Only Provide 3 or more Services