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Water Bill Comparison by Meter Size, Class and County

The technique we use to create our Water Utility Rate Comparison Map is to apply each utility's rate structure to hypothetical water consumption. In the case of this map, we used a quarterly consumption of 18,750 Gallons.   The PSC also produces a report titled Bulletin 25 View/Download PDF File (612 kb) that shows a comparison of rates based on a set of default amounts.

You may use the following program to see a comparison of bills for utilities in the class or county you specify, based on the meter section chosen.  (A report similar to the PSC's Bulletin 25 can be generated by using the default amounts listed on subsequent screens.)

If you have any questions about these comparisons, please contact Mark Williams at (608) 266-5726 or e-mail at

  • Class AB (4,000 or more customers); Class C (between 4,000 and 1,000 customers); Class D (1,000 or less customers)
  • The selection of a county refers to the area in which utilities provide service.
  • Small Meter Section (Residential and Small Commercial Services); Large Meter Section (Large Commercial and Industrial)
  • Amounts refer to the quantity of water consumed in a quarter. The default values shown are the amounts the PSC typically uses for bill comparisons.
  • There are approximatly 7.5 gallons in a cubic foot of water.
Specify utility:
Specify Meter Type, Meter Size, Class \ County and then
enter the water amounts in either Gallons or Cubic Feet.

Select Meter Type:

Select Meter Size:

Select Class \ County:


  Gallons Cubic Feet
1st Amount
2nd Amount
3rd Amount
4th Amount
5th Amount
* Whole numbers only