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ERF - Electronic Regulatory Filing System
Digital Government Achievement Awards 2004 Winner Welcome!
The Electronic Regulatory Filing (ERF) System provides for the electronic submission of filed documents and online access of these documents including those submitted in formal cases before the Commission. With ERF Commission staff receive, circulate, process and publish thousands of electronically filed documents. ERF reduces the time necessary to make decisions on proposed actions, increases public access to formal case information, and provides an easy, convenient way for utilities, applicants, and other parties to participate in the Commission’s formal case process.
Unless otherwise noted, documents are available in Portable Document Format (PDF). The Commission recommends the most current version for viewing PDF documents. Get Adobe Reader

Using ERF is easy.
The ERF Filing Procedure outlines important details on properly filing documents and confidential information on ERF.
The Quick Reference Sheet contains basic instructions on using the system for individuals and small companies and utilities. Steps include creating an account, creating a pdf document and uploading to ERF.
The ERF User Manual outlines general guidelines to submit public and confidential documents for existing or new dockets (cases) and provides steps to add or modify subscriptions, manage corporate accounts and more.

ERF is a repository of documents. Additional docket information is available on our Case Management System.

  • For assistance with Orders, Notices and general ERF questions, please contact Becky Yoh by e-mail at or by phone at (608) 261-8521.
Note to Telecommunications Providers:
If you are filing tariff changes; this not the right place!
For telecommunications providers, the PSC has implemented a new tariff filing process.