Electronic Regulatory Filing - Search Tips

Detail Search

The detailed search feature allows users to specify one or more search criteria. The search will then return a list of documents that match the search specifications. For best results users should be as specific as possible when entering search criteria.


The Utility/Docket search contains three textboxes. To search for documents pertaining to a specific utility, enter the utility id in the first textbox. If you don't know the utility id use the "Don't know the Utility ID?" hyperlink to search our Utility Name File for the utility id associated with a specific company.

Docket ids are composed of three parts (utility id, case type code, and sequence number) separated by hyphens, for example 5-TI-100.  To search for a docket enter each docket part into the appropriate textbox.  To search for a group of dockets, enter the appropriate information in one of more textboxes.  For example, entering 5-TI, will give you a list of all documents in all the cases that begin with 5-TI.

Keyword or Phrase

The keyword search allows users to search for documents containing specific words. The program searches all document titles and the contents of public searchable documents. Some scanned documents and all confidential documents are not searchable.

Document Type

All documents are categorized by document type, such as Order, Notice, Prehearing/Prefiled Exhibit/Testimony, etc.   Users may select a specific type of document for the search.

Industry Type

Most documents created after 2000 have an industry type such as Water, Electric, Telecommunications, etc.  Many documents created in 2000 or earlier do not have an industry type.  For this reason, users should not use this option when searching for older documents.

Some documents have multiple industry types, so those documents will show up in multiple searches. 

Date Range

The date range has two parts: the start date and the end date.  The user may enter no dates, one date, or both dates.  If the user does not enter either date the search will return all document that match the other search criteria.  If a start date is entered the search will return all documents filed after the start date.  If the end date is entered the search will return all document filed up until the end data.

Documents Filed in the Last 2 Days

This option allows the user to view all of the filings that have been submitted using the ERF system in the last 2 days.  Users who want to view other intervals should use the Search option.


This option allows the user to view specific document number.  Users who want to view other intervals should use the Search option.