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We will be a leader in the state and in the nation by facilitating, promoting and ensuring the availability of affordable, reliable, environmentally sound and safe utility services.
  ... The markets in which we conduct our business are utility service markets. However, we do not provide electric, gas, sewer, steam, telecommunications or water service; we regulate the provision of these services by others. Our goal is that these services reflect and balance the needs and expectations of customers. Our aim is to use our expertise to add value to utility service through regulations, rules, orders, and other actions so that all customers can depend on the availability of affordable, reliable, environmentally sound, and safe services throughout Wisconsin.
QUALITY is defined by customers’ needs;
COMMISSION EMPLOYEES are recognized for their contributions and are empowered to use their skills and abilities to realize the vision in an innovative, purposeful, team-oriented work environment.
INNOVATION is valued and encouraged as a means to fulfill customer needs;
CUSTOMERS have knowledge of and access to a variety of services;
PRICES for utility services reflect a balance among value, affordability, and costs;
TECHNOLOGY is state of the art, and makes wise use of limited resources;
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION is an integral part of everyone’s responsibility for today’s customers and for future generations;
UTILITIES pursue their own visions consistent with the statutes and the parameters established by the Commission;
FAIR RETURNis achieved by the utilities, spawning investment in capital, personnel and processes to improve the services offered to the public;
COMPETITIVE MARKETS are allowed to develop and operate, provided individual and aggregate customer protection is assured; and
FACILITATION is the Commission’s role in the interaction of utilities and customers and setting standards and reasonable expectations to promote and protect the public interest.


FOCUS on the "BIG PICTURE" in policy development and long-range planning. We will develop clear standards and expectations to accomplish this broad, long-term focus;
LISTEN and bring together diverse voices and balance diverse perspectives;
FACILITATE by sometimes leading, sometimes guiding, sometimes pushing and sometimes staying out of the way;
PROTECT the public and consumer interests,and simultaneously allow utilities to manage their businesses without undue interference,enabling them to excel in serving their customers;
ENCOURAGE INNOVATION, recognizing that this will require taking risks and making mistakes; we believe innovative solutions and new ideas can improve the future for all Wisconsin citizens and businesses and, at the same time, protect the environment; and
RESPOND to the changing needs of the work place, industry and society; we recognize the value of the lessons of the past; however, we face many new challenges. We will be flexible, open and adaptable.