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  Oversee and facilitate the efficient and fair provision of quality utility services in Wisconsin.
VALUE DIVERSITY in the work place allows employees to fully develop and contribute their individual skills in meeting the needs of our diverse customer base;
ENSURE FAIR PRICING for utility services to customers and to utility investors;
SET QUALITY STANDARDS for utility services and ensure that the standards are met or exceeded;
ENSURE RELIABILITY so there will be sufficient resources, facilities and alternatives available to meet the needs of present and future utility customers at a reasonable price;
ENSURE utility services are provided in an efficient AND environmentally responsible manner;
PROTECT the interests of both investors and customers and ensure that securities issued by utilities meet the needs of the utilities;
PROVIDE FAIRNESS in transactions between utilities and their customers, other utilities, and other entities specifically provided protection by law;
ADJUST our oversight of utilities according to the level of competition in their markets and according to the degree of customer satisfaction with their services;
EDUCATE Wisconsin citizens on utility issues and promote their involvement in our decision-making process.
In all of the above, we consider and balance diverse perspectives and we endeavor to protect the environment, and the public interest and the public health and welfare.